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It’s no secret that both adults and children love sweet treats now and then, but overconsumption can lead to several serious health conditions and, in some cases, life-or-death situations. Thankfully, the last few decades have seen a rapid increase of alternative sweeteners on the market, giving consumers a healthier choice when still the opportunity to indulge. Leading the way is ingredient supplier company NURA, who has expanded their line of alternative sweeteners with their Erythritol-Stevia Sugar Replacer 1X. Unlike competitors, NURA’s innovation team provides blends with a similar sweetness profile to sugar without the typical aftertaste that comes with Stevia products.

A study was recently conducted to compare the differences between five different sugar and alternative sugar products. The samples included:

The study’s primary objectives were to see if participants could differentiate between the Erythritol/Stevia Sugar Replacer 1X and sugar in application and whether consumers enjoyed the Erythritol/Stevia Sugar Replacer more or less compared to other stevia products and monk fruit products currently on the market.

Participants, totaling 102 individuals, included N=62 adults and N=40 children (14 children were between 8 and 11 years old, and the other 26 children were between 12 and 17 years old).

All participants in the study were able to give preference rankings. Still, children under 12 years of age could not articulate product-specific attributes, including bitterness, aftertaste, levels of sweetness, etc.)

Key Findings

One of the most significant critical findings in the study revealed that while adults could tell the difference between the Erythritol/Stevia alternative sweetener and sugar, children could not. As a result, this leads to the conclusion that the Erythritol/Stevia Sugar Replacer was equally favored as much as granulated sugar. It was also equally preferred by participants as Monk Fruit extract is. (Monk fruit and the Erythritol/Stevia have a similar taste to each other, but it is much more cost-effective than the alternative.) The children who participated in this study found Monk Fruit, Erythritol/Stevia Sugar Replacer, and granulated sugar equally likable, putting all three samples on the same sweetness scale, lack of bitterness, and palatable aftertaste.

Erythritol/Stevia Sugar Replacer & MADBLEND™ Stevia Leaf Extract vs. Competitor Stevia Extract Reb A

Many consumers choose Stevia for its natural blend, eliminating artificial chemicals. Still, while it is all-natural, it often comes with a bitter aftertaste that most can’t palate. This study again proves this with the competitor Stevia extract Reb A (97). Similar to the results found by consumers for NURA’s MADBLEND™ Stevia Leaf Extract, all of the participants in the study found both the Erythritol/Stevia alternative sweetener and Monk Fruit sweetener to be highly preferable over the competitor Stevia extract Reb A.

Based on the results shown throughout the study, it was revealed that NURA’s Erythritol/Stevia Sugar Replacer came out as the highest-rated natural sweetener among adults and children when compared to stevia extract and monk fruit extracts. In particular, the Erythritol/Stevia was the closest in comparison to the taste of natural granulated sugar, less bitter than other alternatives, and had a better aftertaste than the other sweeteners tested. MADBLEND’s™ formula carries the same attributes as a premium alternative sweetener that surpasses Monk Fruit extract’s damaging inflation. Moreover, adults preferred NURA’s blend better than Monk Fruit, while children favored them equally, and it was highly preferred over the other stevia products alone. Thanks to this study, it’s clear that the Erythritol/Stevia is the superior natural sweetener for overall liking, similarity to sugar, bitterness, and aftertaste intensity. NURA’s Erythritol/Stevia and MADBLEND™ Stevia Leaf Extract have equally seen high satisfaction rates from clients and consumers as they are two of the most innovative and unique alternative sweeteners on the market while avoiding bitter tastes and a steep price to pay.

About NURA

NURA prides itself on presenting a solid leadership team, providing over 60 years of experience in procurement, quality, business development, and customer service in the dietary supplement, food, and beverage industries. Their wide range of products, from alternative sweeteners to vegan proteins, herbal extracts, greens, amino acids, prebiotics, probiotics, and more, allows them to provide the highest quality ingredients with a focus on sustainability and innovation. With warehouse capabilities on both coasts of the US, they can provide cost-effective and time-efficient ingredients for clients of any size. Additionally, their leading research and development team offers technical support to help create the best possible solutions for all their customers. NURA commits to making each interaction with its clients unique and unforgettable, helping them succeed on their journey.



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