closeup of organic peas from the garden

What is BESTEIN™?

BESTEIN™ is NURA’s vegan protein line featuring a variety of options such as pea and pumpkin seed, as well as novel sources like fava bean, mung bean, and sacha inchi. BESTEIN™ also includes textured protein from yellow peas, which is a great replacement for nearly any type of meat.

Why choose proteins from the BESTEIN™ line?

BESTEIN™ proteins serve as excellent alternatives to whey protein for those looking for non-dairy and/or vegan-suitable muscle support.

Being vegan, proteins sourced from plants typically contain less allergens than whey or soy – for example, NURA’s pea protein is gluten-free and produced without the use of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, dairy, wheat, and soy.

Endless options

Taste – There are only so many flavors of whey and soy proteins that can be produced because of the natural taste of their sources – the vegan proteins in the BESTEIN™ line offer unique taste profiles, such as pumpkin seed and sacha inchi with nutty flavors, fava and mung bean which would be feasible in a sweet or savory application, or the versatile pea protein with its neutral flavor.

Texture – Unlike many plant-sourced proteins that tend to be gritty or chalky, those in the BESTEIN™ line have a smooth mouthfeel and a high dissolvability making them suitable for many applications and desirable for the consumer.

Clean Label – In addition to being vegan and few-to-no allergens, NURA offers further options to accommodate your brand’s desired attributes – for example, BESTEIN™’s pumpkin seed protein is certified organic, and pea protein is available in both conventional and organic forms, of which the latter is certified glyphosate residue-free by the Detox Project.

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