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With the massive demand for alternative sweeteners higher than ever and the recent inflation of some alternative sweeteners at insufferable prices, leading California ingredient supplier, NURA, is offering an unbeatable alternative solution for everyone. Formulators, scientists, and procurement professionals can now buy a high-quality stevia leaf blend for their food and beverage products that meets the dietary needs of consumers today – all at an affordable price.

Alternative sweeteners have seen an enormous demand growth in just over the last 20 years, increasing 832%, with 300% growth in the prevalence of products in the last five years alone. While it can be challenging to know what exactly qualifies as an ‘alternative sweetener’ because of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, few brands ensure that their customers are only getting the best. Manufacturers, suppliers, and research and developers are just the start of those benefiting from this cost-saving sweetener solution thanks to NURA USA. NURA is committed to providing the highest quality ingredients to the natural food and beverage industry, taking things one step further with its unique Stevia Leaf Extract Blend, (MADBLEND™).

MADBLEND™ is a high-purity blend of Rebaudioside A, D, and M, creating the perfect balance of sweetness without the bitter aftertaste. Their blend provides an alternative sweetener that replaces other sugars or artificial sweeteners in baked goods, beverages, dairy (or non-dairy) items, frozen treats, and more. It is an optimal choice for a wide variety of products, as it is pH-stable and highly soluble in both food and beverage applications. Not only is it high quality, but even with stevia as an ingredient, it still maintains its natural-sugar taste while providing 250-300x the sweetness of regular cane sugar.

Their stevia blend also exceeds the dietary demands of most natural food and beverage companies as a vegan, non-GMO, kosher, halal, allergen-free, and gluten-free product, and they offer options for those who prefer organic products.

Several consumer product goods (CPG) companies are currently dealing with inflated costs, such as Monk Fruit, making NURA’s blend an excellent alternative solution for those looking to cut costs without compromising quality or ingredients. As inflation costs rose in 2022, Monk Fruit was a significant blowback for the supply and manufacturing industry. According to NURA, the estimated cost for one kilogram of conventional Monk Fruit is between $350 and $400. Because of the inflation, buyers have had to find alternatives, including other alternative sweeteners and increasing their sugar to alternative sweetener ratios-entirely changing these components of their recipes (and consumers are noticing the difference). MADBLEND™ Stevia Leaf Extract Blend is a great alternative as it’s easy to formulate and can cut costs up to 50%.

About NURA: 

NURAs leadership team brings over 60 years of collaborative experience in procurement, quality, business development and customer service in the dietary supplements, food, and beverage industries. In addition to their alternative sweetener category, they offer a variety of other top-grade products, including vegan proteins, herbal extracts, greens, amino acids, prebiotics, probiotics, and other specialty ingredients. Their team is committed to providing you with the highest quality ingredients, with a focus on sustainability and innovation.  NURA works together to support its partners in new product development and to create the best possible solutions through any obstacles they may face along the way. They have warehouse capabilities on both coasts of the US, allowing them to provide both cost-effective and time-efficient ingredients. They also have a leading research and development team invested in supporting its customers with technical support.

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