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With the rate of expenses rising across the CPG market, it can be challenging to find cost-effective ingredients in a timely manner that are still sustainable and high-quality. Luckily, ingredient supplier, NURA, has a long list of cost-friendly, top-grade and unique ingredients designed to meet both customer and consumer satisfaction.

As consumers get excited about new goals and healthy trends in 2023, growth in the clean ingredient space impacts both producer ingredient selection and sustainability efforts. Individuals are becoming more knowledgeable about unhealthy (and unnecessary) additives and ingredients. As a result, they’re choosing food and beverage options that include primarily clean, whole ingredients. A consumer survey from McKinsey & Company that surveyed 8000 individuals from four countries (including the US) claimed 40% were eating healthier fresh foods while 33% were consuming foods without any artificial ingredients.

Seeking innovative plant-based ingredients

Since the pandemic began, healthier eating and, in particular, vegan/plant-based ingredients have been garnering a lot of attention as alternative sources of nutrients. Thirty-eight percent of U.S. consumers are specifically trying to consume their protein from plant sources according to the International Food Information Council. With more demand for these ingredients and the market becoming more competitive, there’s no better time to add more sustainable, clean ingredients to your food and beverage products. But again, where to find these cost-effective, high quality ingredients?

NURA, a preferred ingredient supplier

Quality products start with quality partnerships. NURA is a premium ingredient supplier, providing high-quality proteins, sweeteners, herbal extracts, probiotics, prebiotics and other specialty ingredients. Their team brings more than 60 years of shared experience with industry experts in procurement, quality, business development and customer service in the dietary supplements, food and beverage industries. With its partners, NURA collaborates in new product development to create or select the best ingredients. Its aim is to form lasting partnerships, while producing innovative and successful product launches. NURA’s team of experts actively create new and improved formulas with distinct profiles that stand out against competitors in the food and beverage industry.

NURA’s BESTEIN™ Vegan Protein line

Recognized as a leader in vegan proteins, NURA specializes in various customized pea proteins, which deliver a highly nutrient-dense satisfaction. Pea protein is known to provide the body with a variety of health benefits and nutrients. It contains a high amount of fiber (approximately 60-65%), which can be vital for the large percentage of the population who don’t come close to meeting their daily needs.

NURA’s pea protein has an incredibly smooth texture with a clean, ‘non-beany’ taste profile. It can be easily used in several applications, including meat alternatives, extruded snacks, dry mixes, bars, cereals, dairy/non-dairy and more. Consumers are constantly looking for new products that taste great but are low in sodium and fat. NURA strategically works with its partners to customize specifications and meet desired product goals.

NURA’s team of experts have worked tirelessly through this innovative process to perfect their vegan protein with the proper consistency, neutral flavors and texture that both partners and consumers will love. In addition, NURA offers truly clean ingredients, including glyphosate-free, organic and Non-GMO certified SKUs. Their latest pea protein product, NuPea™, is uniquely processed to provide customers with improved dispersion, smooth mouthfeel and increased solubility, all while offering a delicious taste. NuPea™ is highly RTD-compatible thanks to its taste profile, consistency and nutrients offered.

YESTEIN™ Fermented Yeast Protein

While BESTEIN™ Vegan Proteins is NURA’s top-performing category, YESTEIN™ Fermented Yeast Protein is a highly celebrated vegan product differentiated by its unique fermentation process. YESTEIN™ is 100% yeast protein extracted from the fermentation of yeast (baker’s yeast). Thanks to its unique advantage, YESTEIN™ is vastly compatible with a variety of food and beverage options, including both dairy and non-dairy options, meat analogues, sports nutrition, snacks and nutritional supplements. Not only is it allergen-free and non-GMO, but it also contains 80% protein with a Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of 1.0. This is particularly helpful for consumers who want extra protection for their muscles. The yeast protein’s slow-digesting trait provides a stable flow of amino acids to prevent muscle tissue breakdown. Further aiding muscle retention, yeast protein contains substantial amounts of branched-chain amino acids (BACC), leucine, isoleucine and valine, which allow for stable, productive muscle protein creation. These same branched-chain amino acids have been shown to support muscle recovery and reduce muscular fatigue.

Still, increased muscle health isn’t the only benefit of yeast protein. Studies have shown that yeast protein can increase the diversity of intestinal flora and significantly reduce the decline of intestinal function caused by aging. While it certainly can’t reverse the impacts of aging, ingredients like yeast protein can help the body function properly. NURA allows its customers to combine the correct formulas so that together, with a proper diet and lifestyle, they can serve nutritious effects while supporting the planet.

Where does this sustainability come in?

Sugar cane and beet molasses serve as nutrient sources for the yeast, and the wastewater from the production is used as organic fertilizer for crop production, creating a premium and sustainable vegan protein option for limitless products.

MADBLEND™ Stevia Leaf Extract blend

In addition to the ingredient supplier’s protein options, NURA has a competitive natural sugar alternative, which seamlessly balances sweetness with nutrition. MADBLEND™ is an optimal choice for food and beverage products, providing a high-purity blend of Rebaudioside A, D and M, creating the perfect balance of sweetness without the bitter aftertaste. This blend offers consumers an alternative sweetener for everything from baked goods to beverages, frozen treats and more.

With cane sugar’s reputation as one of the most significant negative aspects of most individuals’ diets today, many are shying away from it and looking for alternatives that still meet their dietary needs. MADBLEND™ is a non-GMO, kosher, halal, vegan, allergen-free and gluten-free product. NURA also offers options for those who prefer organic products.

MADBLEND™ Stevia Leaf Extract blend formulation is highly soluble, provides 250-300x the sweetness of regular cane sugar, and maintains its natural-sugar taste, unlike many alternative sweeteners. Recent consumer studies show both children and adults prefer MADBLEND™ over stevia, monk fruit and other alternative sweetener options.

MADBLEND™ stevia leaf extract is also more cost-effective than monk fruit, saving consumers up to 50%.

MUSHPOWER AdaptGuard™ Organic Mushroom Blend

MUSHPOWER AdaptGuard™ is an all-natural, powerful blend of four signature mushrooms specially formulated to enhance overall wellness and vitality. Unlike many other mushroom blends on the market, MUSHPOWER AdaptGuard™ is specially formulated to be highly soluble, compared to different mushroom blends, which are often not soluble. As a result, NURA’s blend gives great clarity and a clean flavor profile, making it ideal for various products.

Not only is it certified organic, clean label, vegan, Non-GMO, kosher, halal, allergen-free, gluten-free and GRAS, but it is also a cost-saving alternative compared to other competitors.

NURA’s portfolio ensures high-quality ingredients while offering cost-effective solutions. With its clean label offerings and wide range of unique product applications, NURA’s robust team of trusted specialists are continuously poised to catapult their partners from start to shelf.

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