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The world is evolving everyday—and so are we. At NURA, we’re dedicated to driving sustainability through our practices and products. We develop high-quality ingredients like plant-based proteins and herbal extracts for the food, beverage, skincare, and supplement industries.  

However, our goal isn’t just to create better products for consumers. We also want to support companies in their unique missions, whether that involves facilitating plant-based eating or promoting the power of a restful sleep. Our hope is that the bevy of top-grade sustainable ingredients we’ve developed can do that.  

Ingredients that make a difference

NURA is committed to creating products that make a difference—to the consumer and the planet. All our ingredients are naturally sourced, sustainably produced, and designed to support a healthy, well-balanced life. Plus, they’re versatile enough to help you achieve your product goals. You can use our ingredients in food, beverages, dietary supplements, skin and beauty products, pet food, and meal replacements. 

Here’s what we offer:

Plant-based proteins: Pea, pumpkin seed, and brown rice protein powders are great alternatives for people looking for non-dairy and non-animal sources of protein. 

Natural sweeteners: Our sugar alternatives like monk fruit, stevia, and erythritol sweeten products without adding extra calories. 

Herbal extracts: We have a variety of herbal extracts—from elderberry and ginseng to lemon balm and turmeric—designed to promote better sleep, boost energy, and facilitate workout recovery. 

Greens: Our nutrient-dense chlorella, spirulina, and wheatgrass powders can be mixed into beverages, capsules, and functional foods. 

Amino acids: We offer a handful of different vegan and fermented amino acids to help facilitate muscle recovery and support the immune system. 

Vitamins: Vitamins like zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D can be added to pills, powders, and functional foods to fill nutritional gaps in consumers’ diets.  

Specialty ingredients: Our specialty ingredients like caffeine and MCT oil powder can be used on their own or with other ingredients. 

Branded ingredients: We also have a few branded ingredients. The latest is CLEANMOOD™ Griffonia Seed Extract Powder, an organic, water-soluble supplement designed to improve your mood and help regulate your sleep cycles. 

A focus on quality

We know the quality of a product isn’t just about its benefits. It’s also about how the product is made. That’s why we take pride in our accreditations. Not only is NURA a certified woman-owned and minority-owned business, all NURA products are: 

Organic Certified: The products meet the USDA Organic Regulation, which means they’re free of harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. 

Kosher Certified: There’s no trace of non-kosher substances in the product ingredients, production process, or production facility. 

Non-GMO Verified: The products were produced without genetic engineering and are free of genetically modified organisms.

Glyphosate Free Certified: The products have no glyphosate, a pesticide that’s potentially linked to plant pollution and cancer in humans. 

Abiding by these accreditations helps us keep our production process as safe, eco-friendly, and sustainable as possible. 

We also work side by side with all our manufacturers to ensure that they pass our stringent audit system and qualification process. All our facilities comply with Good Manufacturing Practices, and our experienced quality control department oversees on-site audits, third-party lab testing, certificate collection, and verification so we know where every ingredient has been. 

Maintaining quality matters, not only for our customers and partners, but for the good of the planet and the future generations to come. 

Brand values to live by

As a company, we strive to be innovative, sustainable, and trustworthy in everything we do. Valuing innovation over profit means we’re always searching for new and more effective ways to create high-quality ingredients that improve people’s health and well-being. Prioritizing sustainability means working hard to make sure the ingredients we’re creating actually protect the environment. And being trustworthy means staying true to our mission and nurturing the long-term relationships we’ve developed with our customers and partners. 

We try to live out our brand values every day by making smart, thoughtful business decisions. We’re also always looking for opportunities to give back, whether that involves donating school supplies to the families of our local farmers in Ghana or financially supporting the farms where we source some of our ingredients. 

Our motto is “Better ingredients, true partner.” And we’re excited to continue offering sustainable solutions and supporting the businesses and consumers we serve.

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